A simple page on SNML

01.12.2002 Finally got SNML's schema to validate. May soon create SNML DTD. In future, will put a tag for MathML equations to be included.

01.12.2002 (later 8:15PM) Put up some Docs.

What is SNML? SNML stands for Simple Note Markup Langauge. SNML is a markup for recording notes on various subjects. SNML's main plan is to create a simple way to do this. There are very few tags to learn, and it is hoped that this note langauge becomes a standard. You can learn more with the Docs

What is SNML's namespace? Currently it is http://snml.sourceforge.net/2002/

Where can I find the DTD? Currently SNML is only defined in XML schema format. You can find the schema @ http://snml.sourceforge.net/2002/snml.xsd

What are some Future enhancements of SNML? Two major things: make a DTD, and allow for spot for MathML equations.